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PP Foam Notice Board  #SB-001 Assorted Color  
Polypropylene PP Foam Notice Board SB001 ST303001Polypropylene PP Foam Notice Board SB001 ST303002
Polypropylene PP Foam Notice Board SB001 ST303003Polypropylene PP Foam Notice Board SB001 ST303004
Polypropylene PP Foam Notice Board SB001 ST303005Polypropylene PP Foam Notice Board SB001 ST303006
Polypropylene PP Foam Notice Board SB001 ST303007
Code : ST-303-000
Brand : INTOP
Model : SB-001
Brief Info :
OST Polypropylene PP Foam notice board is made from durable 1,500 micron polypropylene PP foam sheet,
which gains advantages features of Polypropylene PP Foam which are Light weight, rigid, strong , Water proof, moisture resistance, excellent weather ability and long time durable.

Those made the smart and stylish OST Notice Board is very effective and multi purposes, ideal for sign board, exhibition board, picture frame backing, school and etc.

Product Size width x length x thick cm. : 40x70x0.15
Description :

PP Foam Event Board 


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